Driving innovation in residential and commercial building services!

Framerz Inc provides innovative technology and high quality products on demand, incorporating project management solutions ensuring a safe working environment for everyone involved.


Our is to goal is to provide advanced framing solutions by offering value added services and increasing the standard of framing to our clients.

Framerz Inc. delivers an integrated team approach to residential and commercial construction development. In partnership with our customers, our team will develop a strategic building objective and produce intelligent, best-in-class solutions to deliver your project on time and on budget. Our unique approach towards each development, compromising on the highest quality and meeting deadlines makes us a leader in the construction industry.


By centrally coordinating all processes and doing them at the same time whenever possible, our method also eliminates conflicts and communication gaps that can lead to scheduling and budget overruns. It ensures a smooth interface among all aspects of building, planning and design right through to construction and completion.


Our unique building processes allow us to achieve maximum quality by guarding the integrity of the original concept throughout the entire project. This process eliminates the step-by-step approach used in traditional architect / contractor building modes and replaces it with a unified approach that involves all facets of the project simultaneously.


Using your IFC drawings, our team will overlay and review each model and troubleshoot any areas that may require changes, prior to the construction start date. This reduces the potential for cost overages, schedule delays or late take-off changes; while also allowing us to start our prefabrication process to reduce erection time while enhancing quality.


We understand the risks that arise on a day-to-day basis and believe that safety comes first. Through the WCB Injury Prevention Partner Program, we work with the Alberta Construction Safety Association to meet and exceed all standards required under the Certificate of Recognition program and ensure that everyone makes it home safely at the end of each and every day.


We strive to go above and beyond the current industry practice to provide a collection of services for builders to ensure that the sites run more efficiently, with fewer interruptions and achieving safety standards.

Residential Framing

Single, multi-family, or condominiums each job is treated with the same standard of professionalism that aligns with our core values. Fully trained and skilled carpenters execute every project with a safety first mentality, in a timely and efficient manner with the support of a Framerz Inc assigned site supervisor. Framerz Inc typically completes between 350-450 …

Commercial Framing

Our team provides the organization, leadership, manpower and safety standards to excel in the Calgary commercial industry. We have completed a wide variety of projects in and around Calgary, which showcase our high-quality craftsmanship. We understand the importance of safety, and meeting timelines and we consistently deliver on time and on budget.

Construction Management

Managing a construction site with all its moving parts can be stressful in its own; our team has spent the last few years managing and supervising up to 30 crews and 7 different multi-family sites for our building partners. Framerz Inc supervisors have the expertise and in-house labour force to manage all aspects of your …

Prefabricated Panels

Time savings means cost savings. At Framerz Inc we have created a system that utilizes your architectural plans and structural drawings to create digital files and begin the review process in order for our customers to reap the benefits of or prefabricated panel solutions. Our review process is designed to identify any errors or discrepancies …


Framerz Inc currently provides quality craftsmanship to several of the top rated residential homebuilders within Calgary. Our current projects include Calgary commercial real estate and Alberta commercial properties.


We are always on the lookout for talented and highly skilled people to make a positive difference towards the work

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