Prefabricated Panels

Time savings means cost savings. At Framerz Inc we have created a system that utilizes your architectural plans and structural drawings to create digital files and begin the review process in order for our customers to reap the benefits of or prefabricated panel solutions. Our review process is designed to identify any errors or discrepancies in the plans or violations of the City of Calgary building codes to ensure that any problems will be addressed prior to construction.

Many times these steps are over looked and cause problems during the construction or inspections stages. Once built, it takes much more time and energy to fix than it does to be pro-active. That being said, on larger sites, most issues will arise during the first review and the first building erection as even the smallest changes can have larger impacts on the big picture. Our review process also helps to create accurate lumber take-offs, further reducing the costs of construction.

Once reviewed and approved, the lumber take-offs will be shipped to our shop where we will produce, level-by-level and unit-by-unit the entire building. The lumber will then be packaged by level and unit; creating all the necessary components for the construction phase. These will be shipped to site where our crews, under our management and supervision, will erect the buildings and deliver a pre-inspected product for your foreman to take-over and organize the trade scheduling.

By utilizing both our framing and prefabricated services as one package, we can guarantee a smooth transition throughout the building phase.