Construction Management

Managing a construction site with all its moving parts can be stressful in its own; our team has spent the last few years managing and supervising up to 30 crews and 7 different multi-family sites for our building partners. Framerz Inc supervisors have the expertise and in-house labour force to manage all aspects of your project; from safety implementation, pre-inspections and quality assurance to on-site plan review, frame checking and strategic planning.

Throughout any project, our supervisors will monitor the construction phases to ensure there are crews ready for when the building is set to begin. In addition, we also have our in-house labour to help out around site, when needed. This reduces the hassle of crews returning for frame-checks and city inspections, as we can have our supervisors readily available to fix any items that are required by the builder or inspectors.

In addition to Framerz Inc suite of on-site services, our office management will track and monitor WCB, Hazard Assessments, Fall Protection, insurance coverage; while also providing a streamline approach to the invoicing process to reduce the workload and complications of having multiple framing crews on-site.